Providing Effective Legal Defense For DUI

We all make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are accidental, and sometimes they are a lapse in judgment. A lapse can include a driver that chose to operate their vehicle after having too much to drink or using drugs. Other examples include public intoxication and underage drinking. If this is the case, law enforcement may turn your good night out into a nightmare. A person can exceed the legal blood alcohol level of .08 after just a few beers.

While law enforcement may make an educated guess based on your driving, you can help yourself out before you get a chance to speak with an attorney.

How To Help Yourself

The priority here is to avoid making matters worse:

  • Be polite: Speak when spoken to and provide your license and registration when the officer asks for it.
  • Do not say anything incriminating: Answer questions, but do not admit to anything that could be construed as incriminating.
  • Contact an attorney: Call our office as soon as possible, even before you are taken in.

How We Can Help You

An attorney experienced in DUI cases can be a tremendous asset. At Marger Stuart Law, we understand that officers can make mistakes. One common example is the improper use or maintenance of a Breathalyzer. It is also worth noting that each field sobriety test has its own protocols, and sometimes officers do not use the right one. Probable cause is another issue that a DUI defense attorney can explore.

Cortney M. Stuart has extensive criminal defense experience working in private practice and as a prosecutor for local municipalities in northern Georgia. This gives her a depth of knowledge many lawyers do not have. Whether it is your first time charged or your third, we understand the DUI process and will fight to protect your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Pulled Over On Suspicion Of Drunk Driving?

Call our office in Jasper at 678-456-5117 to reach attorney Cortney M. Stuart. We also respond to online inquiries. If you are pulled over, contact us as soon as possible to address the issue of your soon-to-be suspended license.