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Representing clients in matters of family, divorce, criminal defense, and probate law. We are an affordable north Georgia law firm with flexible payment options.

Family, Divorce & Criminal Defense

Marger Stuart Law, founded in 2017, serves clients in north Georgia. Our law firm has earned a reputation for providing affordable, knowledgeable, and straightforward legal representation.

During an initial consultation, we will listen to the details of the case and the goals you have. Our law firm, with your input, will then construct a strategy that we believe will best achieve those goals. Often it is in the client's best interests to negotiate or mediate outside of court. This approach is usually less expensive, less stressful, and it often resolves the matter more quickly. However, if the two sides cannot agree on a solution, we have extensive experience litigating in court.

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Marger Stuart Law


Family Law

Explore divorce modifications, paternity, legitimation, adoption, prenuptial agreements, and more

Divorce Law

Explore contested and uncontested divorce, child support, custody, and more

Criminal Defense

Explore representation for DUI, BUI, violations, misdemeanor offenses, and felony charges

Estate Law

Explore estate planning and elder care to manage finances, property, and end-of-life care


Explore drawing up a Living Will, durable Power of Attorney or Directive for Health Care

Probate Law

Explore probate litigation and administration to navigate the complex probate process