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Family Law Attorney

Legal disputes involving family can be challenging. Not only are there various legal issues to resolve, but there also are the emotional complexities of dealing with a failing marriage, the fear of how these changes will affect the children and other issues. Moreover, it is quite likely that the litigation or resolution of these legal issues will not change the fact that parents still need to work together to raise their children.

Located in Jasper, and serving Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Washington D.C., Marger Stuart Law, provides guidance on a variety of family law issues. As attorneys who understand that each client faces different challenges we learn the details of your case, your desired outcome and provide answers to your questions during your initial consultation. Moving forward, we create a legal strategy to affect the best possible outcome for your situation.

Sometimes these matters can be worked through arbitration or mediation outside of court to keep costs down, reduce the stress levels of family and move the process forward in a timely fashion. If your case needs to be resolved in a trial, we have extensive experience resolving all types of family law issues in a court room.

Family Law Services We Offer

  • Divorce: We can represent you for legal separation, uncontested divorce and contested divorce. Our services include standard divorce representation, mediation, and arbitration.
  • Child Custody & Visitation: Whether it be an initial action or a modification, we can help you achieve your custody and visitation terms with the best interests of the child in mind.
  • Grandparents' Rights: Georgia is one of a few states that recognizes grandparent rights in custody and visitation.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: These agreements are increasingly common and help couples determine financial obligation after the marriage.
  • Property Division: Georgia is an equitable distribution state, which means the assets and debts will be divided fairly rather than strictly in half.
  • Child Support: This is based on an equation that includes gross income, the number of children and other unique factors.
  • Spousal Support: This can be either rehabilitative (short term) or permanent. The amount often considers age of spouse, education and their ability to work.
  • Adoption: This can be done domestically through a private arrangement or a state agency.
  • Paternity & Legitimation: Fathers of children born out of wedlock do not automatically have rights.
  • Department of Family and Children's Services: (DFCAS) If the State has custody of your child, we work with you to get them returned to you as quickly as possible.

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