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Divorce is a difficult time for any family. Regardless of whether it is contested and resolved in a court of law or uncontested and handled by lawyers, it is a time of turbulence that affects the couple and the children. Our divorce and family law attorneys understand these challenges. We work with our clients to protect their rights, as individuals and parents, to the full extent of the law.

Located in Jasper we serve clients throughout Georgia. We believe that every divorce is as unique as the people involved. We speak with our clients to determine their legal needs and goals during this process. Once we have all available facts in hand, we create a strategy that best serves their needs. Sometimes this involves a tenacious battle in court, but we always encourage clients to consider resolving the matter through mediation or negotiation. Either way, we work hands-on with our clients to give them the service they deserve.

Primary Divorce Services We Offer

  • Contested or Uncontested Divorce: A court battle is expensive and can be drawn out, so it may be in your best interests to try and resolve the divorce outside of court.
  • Parenting Plans and Child Custody: We work with the parents to create a plan that puts the children first while also being workable for the parents. Whether it is joint custody or sole custody with visitation rights, we understand the importance of this issue.
  • Property Division: Marital assets are divided fair and equitably in Georgia, which is not the same as 50-50.
  • Child Support: The state uses a formula that involves the gross income of both parents, the number of children and other unique factors.
  • Spousal Support: Also known as alimony, this may be permanent or temporary. It generally considers the age, education, work history and health of the spouse.
  • Modifications: We always strive to create comprehensive and binding arrangements, but not every issue is foreseeable.
  • Enforcement: We can take the case to court if there is an issue about support or other legally determined arrangements.

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